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Send in the CLONES! / Attack of the Clones! Unofficial PC sold to run Mac OS X Leopard

[Update] Psystar OpenMac may be Vaporware! Order at your own risk… or just get a Mac Mini!

Sorry, couldn’t resist them. Tell us the reference and you win… a shout-out! 😛

News funneling in this week include OpenMac, a PC offered by Florida company Psystar, which is supposed to be a non-Apple PC that can run OS X Leopard “with minimal patching”. Starting at $399, it is considerably cheaper than a Mac Mini, no doubt. But, TheMNT is highly suspicious of how much life and productivity one can get from a machine that is not only violating Apple’s OS X EULA for Leopard and hardware, but will also lack the seamless integration of Mac apps and updates.

If you remember from ye ol yesteryears, Apple had a slew of copycats from 1996-97. These included the Motorola StarMax and UMAX SuperMacs clones. Any MNT readers had these?


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Increase in Mac Sales? iPod + Mac vs. PC Ad Campaign!

Today, John Gruber of the Daring Fireball blog posted this comment concerning Apple’s phenomenal Q4 numbers in Mac sales:

I don’t think there’s any single explanation for why this is happening now. There are many factors at play, and almost every single one of them is in Apple’s favor.

I for one (as a recent switcher) wanted to chime in, in layman’s speak, the factors that came into play this past year in my switch. I guess, just so the current Mac Newb Tube reader can get a ‘lil more info at this blogger at large.

First, the iPod. My wife, my infant son at the time, and I traversed the dreaded corridor that is I-5 between the states of Oregon and Washington, mainly for family trips and begging grandparents. Both of us are musicians, and have music playing 24/7. The combination of traffic plus switching CD’s during the four hour haul equals the potential for local news disaster material. I’ve had college friends that have embraced the iPod beforehand, trying to get me to adopt as well. I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to take the leap and get our combined libraries in one easy place for trips. Then, after two months of fighting over whose iPod it was, we added another 30GB (this time white, for her) to the family. It was the interface, the ease of use, iTunes and it’s sleek UI on our PC… all of these factors that made us instantly fall for the little wonder. Then, it turned my head in another direction.

Our Dell laptop had a mini melt down months before our son was born, and before replacing it, along came the little guy and I had really no time nor want to replace the other little guy (the laptop, I mean). So for the next year, we lived in general bliss from the internet, checking our email and myspace here and there, but really having no obligation to the net for work nor pleasure. It was really a fun time, with oodles of time for the baby and this first time dad. Then, along came the Mac vs PC ads. Let me tell you, I’m no sucker for ad campaigns and cheap slogans, but being completely purged of Microsoft and tech for awhile, and seeing this new option of the Mac (this during our courtship with the iPods mind you) I began to really see the light. So then came the iMac that graces our desk. Then the Powerbook that graces my work. Oh, and next the AppleTV that… we’ll you get the picture.

I guess to sum up, there are many factors that ultimately get you into becoming a Mac user (and an Apple sales statistic). And honestly, Mac has gotten this tech nerd back on track! But, from my experience, there is ONE overlying factor above all… and if I could just figure that out and bottle it…

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iPod touch free* at last! Apple Mail, third party apps now running.


The iPod touch has been officially “Jailbreaked” leading to third party apps and even Apple Mail to run as it does on the iPhone. Credit goes to hackers “Niacin” and “Dre” for finding the much sought after hack, both Engadget and 9to5Mac are reporting.The hacks haven’t been officially released yet, but the two says info will be revealed soon for the masses.

*software wise… Thanks Ms. Hudgens 😉

Original photo by “interstink” c/o the iPod touch Flickr group.

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Zune 2 on sale Wednesday. Or was that 2 Zunes sold by Wednesday?


Photos leaked today apparently show two new models of the upcoming second gen Microsoft Zune. It is seen sporting the iconicfamiliar… redundant stylings of the first Zune but appear to be thinner and rumored to be available in more colors. The pics are of cliche, leaked quality and graininess, making it difficult to determine the actual thickness. This would expose whether or not the media player will follow suit with the new iPod nano and touch in solid state flash drives. The two Zunes have eerie proportions similar to the previous gen iPod video and nano.


Along with the Zune 2 leak came pics revealing a current Zune running version 2.1, which is rumored to be released simultaneously with the new Zune. Not much is know about the update, but rumors amount to the same software goodies and UI tweaks found on the Zune 2. Why Microsoft would be pushing better software for their previous gen Zune vs. pushing their new hardware offerings exclusively is a business model we don’t quite understand. It would seem silly that when the new iPod nano and classic were released, Apple would include the same UI, free of charge. What a way to get those masses clamoring for the Zune 2, eh? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free…

[Update]  FCC has leaked this photo revealing a 4GB and 8GB “Zune 2 nano”. These are an exact match to the leaked pics from yesterday.


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Gateway unveils One (ugly) all-in-one PC. iMac says, “eh”.


Gateway today revealed the unexpected; another shot at emulating Apple’s trend and design, rather than venturing into an entirely new and refreshing concept of the PC, ergo the “One”. The all-in-One desktop sports some nice features, including more customization than regular Apple fare, with a spiffy, car-hood like mechanism for adding RAM and an extra hard drive. Also, an ingenious power brick design maintains a couple of USB, networking, and audio inputs tucked out of the way for a more astute wireless PC experience. But, early reviews have more criticism than crave it seems.

Both Computer Shopper (7.9/10) and CNET (7.1/10) found in their reviews a lackluster attempt at the iconic iMac’s share of the All-in-Wonder computer. Priced between $1300 and $1800, both found no reason to jump into the One, neither in the entry level range nor the extreme end. CNET sums up the One’s performance prowess against the iMac’s, stating that “it’s clear that Apple takes the iMac’s performance as an actual computer far more seriously than Gateway does.” The screen lacks “pop”, where as the iMac’s display has been reviewed as screaming for attention. The One’s display is awkward, lacking any true vertical adjustable viewing angle (it begs to be flopped on it’s face) and is supported by a surprisingly sturdy, Apple Cinema Display of yore type stand. Probably the biggest let down to both sites, and not the most surprising, is the inclusion of Microsoft’s Windows Vista OS, which lacks in comparison to the iMac’s one-two punch of Mac OS X Tiger and iLife ’08 productivity suite. Computer Shopper sums up their review asserting that “the Gateway One is a regular midrange PC with an uncommonly alluring design philosophy.”

Nonetheless, both reviews state that among the heated contentions for the all-in-one/media center/pro-sumer market, the One may turn a few heads with its offerings, especially those unable to make the whole-hearted jump into Apple’s OS, or any other alternative operating system. Those codependent to or requiring Windows might find comfort in the stylings of the One, rather than reaching for that next grey box.




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