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iPhone inventory drying up… iPhone 2.0 looming?

Mac Daily News is now reporting that all major NY Apple stores have neither iPhones in stock nor are they able to tell when new shipments will be arriving. Some are jumping the gun that this is similar to the normal Mac inventory flow when new devices are in the pipeline. We’ll have an update from our local Apple Store soon. So here is what might be coming soon:


  • Obvious inclusion of 3G in iPhone 2.0.
  • 32GB capacity for $600 (early adopters paid that much for 8GB less than a year ago!).
  • Inclusion of SDK ready OS X.
  • Front mounted cam for video iChat.
  • Revised headphone input jack.

Of course TheMNT will let you know as soon as we know. What do you want on your iPhone?


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Mac Mini + 17-inch Display to become the iMac Mini/Air soon…

Revision details are slim but they are in the works, according to sources to the Mac community. A fresh redesign is expected on the Mac Mini.

  • An addition of a dedicated GPU and 2.0-2.4Ghz is expected.
  • Ultra thin, aluminum and black exterior.
TheMNT believes that this redesign will be a major revision, adding a 17 inch monitor to the top of the Mac Mini cpu base. Think of a re-imagining of the “lamp-shade” iMac, except the iMac Mini/Air will look similarly like a Cinema Display atop an AppleTV, including the omission of a dvd/superdrive alike the Macbook Air. Competitive pricing is rumored, ranging from $750-$1000 depending on configuration. Renditions coming soon!

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Macbook Air: Pseudo disappointing, yet telling of things to come from Apple.

The internet exploded in awe for a few moments when Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s newest labor of love; the Macbook Air. Details about the new “world’s thinnest notebook” are in yesterday MNT post. And yet, almost immediately the scrutiny for the little Mac was overwhelming, considerably on Digg. Criticism ranged from technical specs to design. Here are some:

  • Price vs. tech specs: Most of the components are in current Macs, so why the high price? Design fee?
  • HD only 80GB, why not the same 160GB iPod drive option?
  • Large bezel around 13.3″ screen.
  • Three output ports!?
  • Disappointing 1.6 and 1.8 Ghz speeds.

The Mac Newb Tube did a round of debate over the new product and we see the Macbook Air as the beginning of things to come. The shortcomings of the little Mac leads us to believe that Cupertino has a lot in store for us in the next 50 weeks. Here are some of our conclusions, from the Macbook Air’s shortcomings:

  • Larger bezel just begs for a 15″ screen.
  • 160GB iPod type drive is perfectly apt in there.
  • 4GB Standard.
  • 2.0 and 2.2Ghz option.
  • Customizable black, aluminum, or white keys.

These little notions lead us to this idea:

The pricing is normal Apple fare and the now known “early adopters tax” will drop when *gasp* Apple will introduce a second model with these upgrades, probably at the current price point of the MBA. This will lead to a drop for the current model, maybe even $1299 and $1499 for the new model. There has been an influx of Macbook refurbs on, so it seems plausible that the white and black Macbooks are going the way of the white iMacs, which in turn, will allow Apple to introduce a new silver and black, entry level Macbook.

The entire Mac line has gone through the “Prosumer” aluminum and black revision, it only seems obvious that the Macbook will follow suit, leaving a two to three Macbook Air line up above it.

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Macworld and The Mac Newb Tube Readers Predictions

With all the noise of every Apple-centric media outlet rising to a frenzy, we wanted to see what TheMNT reader thought was coming in a week. Here are some of our cheekier predictions:

  • iTunes movie rentals (duh) and update for iTunes Store on the Apple TV.
  • 16GB and 20GB iPhones (non GPS, sorry). Headphone jack revision. Customizable UI (finally).
  • The numerously rumored Macbook Nano. No optical drive and touch gesture trackpad.
  • Official iPhone SDK release, one month ahead of schedule.
  • 10.5.2 fixing some of the serious issues with Leopard.
  • Halo 4 Mac exclusive in 2009.

OK, ok. So what do you guys think is coming? We wanna hear from you. Also, thanks to those that have been RSSing us, and leaving comments. Next week is gonna be big, and we’ll be there.

[UPDATE!] The online Apple refurb store just had an influx of Macbook stock. Looks like Steve is definitely unloading the current, smallest Mac for something to come!

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Apple Ultra Portable Sub Notebook Nigh Confirmed via Just Blaze @ Music Event


Reports today from Mac Daily News cites a BoyGeniusReports story concerning the new Mac. Hip-hop artist Just Blaze performed at an Apple music event for employees this holiday season, along with other popular artists. Apparently, for their song and dance, every artist was shown and promised the new Mac Notebook, which according to Just Blaze will be unveiled and available one week after Macworld.

Nothing new on the touch screen rumor front according to reports, or if the new Mac will closely resemble the often cited Modbook, pictured above.

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Store down, store down! What will come from now? Also, Stacks tweaks…

title_backsoon1.gif now down. What’s in store? Last time, a redesign was done to the Online Store featuring more Leopard like cues. Actual aluminum iMac refurbs now in stock? AppleHD? Just maintenance?


In other Mac news, a very useful Stacks tweak has been released. The site is now down due to heavy traffic. Here is the tweak on our Powerbook. Links to come when available. [ Digg article and original blog post]


[Update] Nothing much to report on the Apple site… looks like brand new, shiny maintenance for all!


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Apple in car media: “Back Row”.

Rumors of the iCar and OS X integration in high end luxury models surfaced again when we got wind of this [spyshot?] of Apple’s new media center, dubbed “Back Row”. Essentially the Front Row UI of OS X, it’s moniker is Apple’s implied notion of the safe integration of iTunes media in vehicles. Passengers will be able to control media in the same fashion via remote, while the driver will have a tactile “click-steering-wheel” to navigate without disturbance to driving.


It is unclear which automotive manufacture will be the first to pilot the Back Row, though industry trends predict BMW and Mercedes Benz likely candidates. TheMNT predicts that it will be a hit among upper-class consumers already enjoying Apple products at home. The switch to Apple in the autos will be an easy and welcomed edition to their $75,000+ autos.

[This may have been an early prototype, due to the Tiger UI, or just a Mac Mini in some ones SUV… ;)]

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Is the Apple rotting?

So aside from Leopard last week, what’s in Apple’s stable to keep this 2007 season momentum going? I mean, not to say that it hasn’t been a stellar year so far (check Q4 financial reports). And Christmas seems to look like your average winner with four iPods, a cheaper iPhone, a new OS (which a recent 9to5Mac poll shows 40% “waiting” to buy), and redesigned iMacs. But will we see something truly unique between now and Macworld in January ’08 for your Christmas buck? Here’s what the intertubes are saying:

  • New Macbook rumors arise again, this time with semi-solid speculation fueled from code within Leopard.
  • Mac Pro revision with the Penryn Intel chipset said set for late November.
  • An early release of iPhone 2.0, or even an early November SDK release (for developers to be ready @ Macworld ’08).
  • AppleTV 2.0. / Mac Nano devices. (Or our favorite, actual updates for the current one).
  • The infamous, ultra mini portable nano invisible Macbook Pro line.
  • Ease of OS X install/hack on PC’s equating to Apple software being prepped and sold for PC’s (i.e. OS X Leopard and iLife ’08).

Just some of the choice items of course… Have we missed any bigger ones? Let us know, we won’t tell anyone… promise…


[Photo provided by Michael Gates c/o the Channel Z Flickr.]

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Mac Mini rumored to be murdered by Leopard release



In yet another round of speculation surrounding the Mac Mini and it’s surmise, both Apple Insider and Ars Technica are citing that Leopard will be the culprit. The death of the Mac Mini has been predicted since it’s inception at Apple, usually citing claims that the Mac Mini is not Mac enough for the targeted switcher market.

The best “news” in this round of articles is a reference to a Macrumors post about the next gen Apple TV. This device, according to the post, will finally adopt HD output (with iTunes HD content) and include an optical drive for DVD playback. Because that’s just what Apple needs, to include an opposing media format when the push for HD H.264 content is burgeoning…



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Macbook Nano / Mini with current Apple keyboard?


This rendition of the rumored Macbook Nano/Mini has the new Apple bluetooth as the keyboard. Will Apple go this route and forego the past all aluminum look? Or will they stay with the tried and true Powerbook/Macbook Pro keyboard?

[Note] Original rendition created and posted by “Anonymouscoward” here, followed by PS work by TheMNT.

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