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iPhone 3G is here! Black or White, Starting @ $199!

Apple has just announced the predecessor to the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G. It’s pretty much everything that the rumor sites have been speculating, GPS, 3G, thinner, and yet the most surprising factor is the price. Apple has slated the 8GB iPhone 3G to start at a staggering $199! Not surprising to The MNT, mind you ;).

We have been on the ball, predicting that magic $199 this summer, in aims of Jobs hitting that ambitious 10 million iPhones before 2008’s end. Looks like that goal is easily in reach. It will be unveiled in 22 countries on July 11.

There is a slew of software changes as well, as Apple includes a more open OS X on the phone which allows developers to create apps like on Macs everywhere (including games). We hope Bungie (of Halo fame) has a few tricks up their sleeves for the iPhone.

[Update] After viewing the WWDC Keynote, it is obvious that Apple is taking the iPhone, it’s “third leg” of their business, very seriously this year. The rollout of the iPhone 3G will be in 70 countries total, at the rock bottom price of $199. The App Store, where iPhone users can purchase games, apps, and productivity tools will clearly be as successful (and productive) as the iTunes Store.


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