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iPhone 2: 3G Enabled, Colors, Removal Battery? Current iPhone out of stock @

The net is a buzz about all the iPhone news occurring this week. Here is the quick and dirty.

  • With WWDC looming, Apple has seeded iPhone SDK Beta 5. Within it’s code is a not so subtle screen of 3G capabilities.
  • Current iPhone stock of the current model is “unavailable” at If you’re in the market for one… please, dear God, wait and don’t run to a physical Apple Store and buy one.
  • Colors, even minimal aluminum/plastic shades are expected. Black, aluminum, white, are rumored. Product Red would be great :).
  • Removal battery. Ok so that rumor hasn’t hit yet, but seeing as 3G is such a battery drain, TheMNT believes that iPhone 2 WILL have a swappable battery.

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