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Apple Updates Leo, iPhone SDK 6. 3rd (crash the) Party Companies Spill iPhone Beans.

Apple updates Leopard to 10.5.3. Improves stability and also updates drivers for GPUs (ATI and Nvidia) as well as integrated graphics Macs ie, Macbook and Mac Mini. For the Mac Newb, hit the Apple in the upper left hand corner and choose “Software Update”. 🙂

iPhone 2 inevitable, with third party companies leaking pics of cases, molds, and accessories, revealing relative size and form factor of new iPhone. Also, an icon has been found in the new iPhone SDK 6 that shows an iPhone of differing proportions than the current one.


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Apple working on Bluetooth keyboard for added functionality/gaming.

A long time speculation of TheMNT, but it seems there has been a resurgence of the keyboard rumor for the Apple TV. Macenstein has a lead and photo of the possible device. More details:

  • Bluetooth wireless, aluminum and slim.
  • Backlit for darker TV rooms and dens.
  • Multi-touch trackpad (to the right)

Although Apple has not confirmed that the Apple TV has Bluetooth, some tear downs suggest otherwise. This could be yet another attempt at the lucrative gaming market (as already anticipated with the iPhone/iPod touch).

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“Usual Suspects”: iTunes 99¢ Movie Rental

Oscar winning “The Usual Suspects” is iTunes 99¢ Movie Rental this week. Not only a personal favorite, but a perfect movie for those who have yet to rent a movie from iTunes. It will set you back less than a buck, and you’ll have 24 hours to squeezing in that second or third viewing (and trust me, after the ending you will).

iTunes rentals will playback on Macs or PCs with iTunes 7.6.2. They can also be transfered to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod Classic and 3G Nano (sorry 5G video iPod). It can be viewed easily on Apple TV as well.

Special pricing last through Thursday, May 20th.

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iPhone 2: 3G Enabled, Colors, Removal Battery? Current iPhone out of stock @

The net is a buzz about all the iPhone news occurring this week. Here is the quick and dirty.

  • With WWDC looming, Apple has seeded iPhone SDK Beta 5. Within it’s code is a not so subtle screen of 3G capabilities.
  • Current iPhone stock of the current model is “unavailable” at If you’re in the market for one… please, dear God, wait and don’t run to a physical Apple Store and buy one.
  • Colors, even minimal aluminum/plastic shades are expected. Black, aluminum, white, are rumored. Product Red would be great :).
  • Removal battery. Ok so that rumor hasn’t hit yet, but seeing as 3G is such a battery drain, TheMNT believes that iPhone 2 WILL have a swappable battery.

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Exclusive: Spring Screen Shots

Not Apple related, but TheMNT related nonetheless. It seems that an odd weather change has occurred here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon; it’s actually nice! So I will be getting to the Macs for reporting a little less in the coming weeks. I’ll have the beast that is the Powerbook on the road, and will be giving as much Mac updates as possible, but the sun and surf (ok maybe not) beckons.

Oh yeah, quick Apple note, it’s pretty definite that iPhone 2.0 will be coming this June at the WWDC. 🙂

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