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Send in the CLONES! / Attack of the Clones! Unofficial PC sold to run Mac OS X Leopard

[Update] Psystar OpenMac may be Vaporware! Order at your own risk… or just get a Mac Mini!

Sorry, couldn’t resist them. Tell us the reference and you win… a shout-out! 😛

News funneling in this week include OpenMac, a PC offered by Florida company Psystar, which is supposed to be a non-Apple PC that can run OS X Leopard “with minimal patching”. Starting at $399, it is considerably cheaper than a Mac Mini, no doubt. But, TheMNT is highly suspicious of how much life and productivity one can get from a machine that is not only violating Apple’s OS X EULA for Leopard and hardware, but will also lack the seamless integration of Mac apps and updates.

If you remember from ye ol yesteryears, Apple had a slew of copycats from 1996-97. These included the Motorola StarMax and UMAX SuperMacs clones. Any MNT readers had these?


April 14, 2008 - Posted by | Apple News, Tech News

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