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The Mac Newb Tube News, Lazy Edition. :)

Actually, I had an email asking how I got my Mac news… well here’s a good portion of it, plus podcasts (The Maccast, Mac OS Ken, TWiT, etc). Well here ya go:

The big news today is the shipping of Psystar’s new OpenMac PCs. These are PCs built to run OS X Leopard in lieu of Apple hardware . The reports are in and they are loud and very few of the parts used in construction show up in the “About this (Fake) Mac” pane. A tear down has yet to be accomplished, we are awaiting with anticipation :). You’ll know when we know.


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New iMacs… er, maybe?

Looks like the Apple news was so slow this week that some had to make the iMac revision speculation yet again. All the Apple rumor sites are touting a “reliable” source to the iMac update, which is supposed to bump up Intel speeds (3Ghz!), bigger HDs, and… well thats about it. If you’re in the market for a shiny new iMac, you might want to wait till Tuesday, just in case. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What’s possible:

  • iPhone aesthetics with full touchscreen and HD resolutions
  • Up to 3Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo “Penryn” Processors
  • Blu-Ray SuperDrive

[Update] Apparently, retail chains are leaking out info that new SKU’s are upcoming for the iMac line, reinforcing the iMac refresher rumor.

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Apple calling on Mac developers, WWDC ’08, iPhone SDK

Time to brush up on your Cocoa and Xcode skills, WWDC is coming this June. The internets are talking about the (final) release of the iPhone SDK, new iPhones (GPS, wildly redesigned), and possible new Macs. Also, ingenuity in touchpad innovation will be an obvious interests, due the Macbook Air and Macbook Pros gaining this functionality.

Anyone feel like sending a field reporter for hire? ๐Ÿ˜› I love SF!

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Business Week names Apple No. 1 Innovator of 2008. Trumps Google, Toyota, Nintendo Wii…

Business Week released their annual innovation issue today, revealing Apple as their top pick for innovation during a slumping economy. Throughout the recession, Apple has maintained the ability to make their products relevant to consumers, even through hard times.

As you can see, three regions voted; Asia, Europe, North America, respectively. Apple, Google, and Toyota all took the same top three spots. Microsoft and Nintendo battle back and forth on all three list. Sony clocked in a dismal less then top ten average.

No Pixar…?

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Send in the CLONES! / Attack of the Clones! Unofficial PC sold to run Mac OS X Leopard

[Update] Psystar OpenMac may be Vaporware! Order at your own risk… or just get a Mac Mini!

Sorry, couldn’t resist them. Tell us the reference and you win… a shout-out! ๐Ÿ˜›

News funneling in this week include OpenMac, a PC offered by Florida company Psystar, which is supposed to be a non-Apple PC that can run OS X Leopard “with minimal patching”. Starting at $399, it is considerably cheaper than a Mac Mini, no doubt. But, TheMNT is highly suspicious of how much life and productivity one can get from a machine that is not only violating Apple’s OS X EULA for Leopard and hardware, but will also lack the seamless integration of Mac apps and updates.

If you remember from ye ol yesteryears, Apple had a slew of copycats from 1996-97. These included the Motorola StarMax and UMAX SuperMacs clones. Any MNT readers had these?

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New Lawsuit accuses Apple of false Advertising, Time Capsule / Time Machine overstatement.

[UPDATE] April Fools… of course.
The Mac Newb Tube has received word that a San Francisco based law firm has brought up a law suit concerning Apple’s Time Machine and Time Capsule products. On behalf of a small tech investment firm, Silicone Heights Investment in Technology, the claims included a bolstering of the device abilities to produce effective use.
“We had promised the majority of our clients, like all of them, that we could manage their portfolios at an excess of gains higher than average”, said a senior executive. “We had plans to invest in companies like Google, Apple, and Intel, but when we found out the Apple had lied about their products, we had already lost millions in client funds.”
“I mean we were thinking ahead, for our clients. Google at $85 in 2004, Apple at $7 in 97! We would have had a very happy client base and a very happy bottom line, ” commented a stock analyst at the company. The firm is looking for compensation in not only hardware and software purchases (iMacs, Time Capsules, and OS X Leopard to name a few) but also in consumer loss of revenue.
This on the heels of a wrongful death suit last month, in which an IT professional, a Macbook Air owner, drowned in the Bahamas.

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