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Apple TV Take 2… now with intercooler?

[TheMNT Quick Post]Ā It’s been our observation here at TheMNT that our Apple TVs have been feeling a lot cooler to the touch since the update. So much that I don’t fear placing the remotes on top of them… What are you guys experiences? Any one have links to actually before and after temp readings?


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Twitterpated! The Mac Newb Tube twitter feed. Add us!


Hey gang. Looks like we are trying to integrate some 2.0ness up in here. Please add us (follow) so we can keep you up to date in a more candid form ;). We are also working on Pownce integration, seems like more of our readers are using that anyway… What are you using? Twitter vs Pownce?

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iPhone inventory drying up… iPhone 2.0 looming?

Mac Daily News is now reporting that all major NY Apple stores have neither iPhones in stock nor are they able to tell when new shipments will be arriving. Some are jumping the gun that this is similar to the normal Mac inventory flow when new devices are in the pipeline. We’ll have an update from our local Apple Store soon. So here is what might be coming soon:


  • Obvious inclusion of 3G in iPhone 2.0.
  • 32GB capacity for $600 (early adopters paid that much for 8GB less than a year ago!).
  • Inclusion of SDK ready OS X.
  • Front mounted cam for video iChat.
  • Revised headphone input jack.

Of course TheMNT will let you know as soon as we know. What do you want on your iPhone?

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Mac Mini + 17-inch Display to become the iMac Mini/Air soon…

Revision details are slim but they are in the works, according to sources to the Mac community. A fresh redesign is expected on the Mac Mini.

  • An addition of a dedicated GPU and 2.0-2.4Ghz is expected.
  • Ultra thin, aluminum and black exterior.
TheMNT believes that this redesign will be a major revision, adding a 17 inch monitor to the top of the Mac Mini cpu base. Think of a re-imagining of the “lamp-shade” iMac, except the iMac Mini/Air will look similarly like a Cinema Display atop an AppleTV, including the omission of a dvd/superdrive alike the Macbook Air. Competitive pricing is rumored, ranging from $750-$1000 depending on configuration. Renditions coming soon!

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“ViMac” aka Vista on the iMac, Vista / XP on a G4?

[Update] For those of you (all two of you) wondering how goes our new (occasional) migration back into the Windows world at TheMNT… quite well! Vista Home Premium is up and running beautifully on the iMac 2Ghz C2D via VMWare Fusion. Bootcamp was a little much for the light use which we will be using, so virtualization seemed like the perfect solution. Here are the details and screens:

vimac.png capture.jpg vista2.jpg

  • Vista is being emulated on (only!) a 4GB partition on the Mac, space efficiency was a goal. Dual core processing enabled and 1GB RAM of the available 2GB being used.
  • Remote hard drive space provided free by Xdrive (5GB) and Skydrive (5GB)! Xdrive includes a nifty desktop UI for easy, .mac like access. Microsoft Skydrive is still working on a solution to this obvious omission (currently web UI only).
  • File sharing between Mac and Win folders a breeze.
  • Aero interface (glass and transparencies) still not supported in Fusion. True MS eye-candy cannot be fully tapped… yet. šŸ˜¦
  • Time and date stuck in a weird international time zone. (Fixed!!!)
  • Safari better than IE7 bar none. Better rendering and quality of photos, faster speeds, etc…

So far so good. Now to get XP or Vista on the ol’ Powerbook G4… have any of you readers had to do XP on a G4? Let us know how you did it! (Virtual PC 7?)

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    The Mac Newb Tube reader… who are you?

    We here at the TheMNT want to thank our readership for continued traffic and hits. We get a kick out of being part of the Mac community at large, and greatly enjoy bringing you the news in our, eccentric, ways. So what’s up with YOU guys (and gals)? Drop a line and say “hi”, brag and boast about your Mac set-up, tell your switcher story, whatever! We want to see a few quick comments from you, the readers.

    Thanks again and I hope to hear from you guys!

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    Site down, site down! Things to come in the morning?

    Apple store down for the moment… what will come? The mysterious MacTablet that has been puzzling peeps with it’s icon everywhere? Or the rumored (on here anyway) update to the Macbook Air (15″, 160HD, etc). Only hours will tell.

    On an unrelated note, VMWare’s Fusion 1.1.1 works beautifully. Work has demanded a Windows workstation (eck) but this iMac is making the jump back into Windows smooth. Thankfully it’s only on rare occasion that Windows has to taint the Mac… now to get Vista on the Powerbook. Virtual PC 7?

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