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Aluminum iMac refurbs with special sale pricing… new iMacs next week.

Rumors are flying around the net about a secret event to be held late this month. Linkin Park is apparently on board for the show, and new Mac rumors are exploding the forums. Macbook Pros seem likely for a minor revision if not a whole new redesign in light of Macbook Air aesthetics.
TheMNT caught glimpse of Apple’s website hocking alum iMacs for CHEAP! New iMacs? Nah… we’re betting on a Macbook revision that will lose it’s current black/white apearrance for for a black/alum look. What do you guys think?

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Apple TV Take 2 Review. Visual Hub continues as must have App for Apple TV. Oh… 10.5.2.

Ah behold, thy beloved Apple TV has (finally!) received the update that we have been waiting for. We’re gonna touch on a quick review of certain functionality. If you want a full run down check out these reviews here; AppleInsider, MacRumors, and MacDailyNews to name a few. We are focusing on a few real world testing and coverage.

  • Rented “Star Trek II” in HD – Movie rentals UI interface is absolutely gorgeous and intuitive. Audio (through Toslink, 5.1 Dobly Digital is absolutely stunning. Picture quality seems vastly improved (will be viewing newer source soon).
  • Podcast directory is spot on. No need to download to your Apple TV. Content is streamed and favorites can be saved, allowing a full viewing of new and previous episodes without the use of a PC or Mac.
  • Previously encoded flicks have had an output bump, looking better than before.
  • HD movie trailers are also a nice added tweak.

Also, one of the greatest companion apps to the Apple TV, Visual Hub (via TUAW) has rendered an update to support full 5.1 and AC3 encoding when creating your own content to the device. We here at TheMNT simply love VH, one of the best $23.32 best spent so far. More to come.

Also… 10.5.2 now available. 😉

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Ripe Apples: iPhone 16GB and iPod touch 32GB

Apple brings to the masses more ways to lose that tax return. iPhones are now available in a 16GB version, and the iPod touch can now weigh in at an amazing 32GB SSD. Order an iPhone here, or your (and my) iPod touch here. So how are you Mac Newb Tube readers faring with your 4GB models? Green with envy or still satiated? Also, are any of you guys swayed to choose a touch device now that bigger drives are available?

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