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Macbook Air: Pseudo disappointing, yet telling of things to come from Apple.

The internet exploded in awe for a few moments when Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s newest labor of love; the Macbook Air. Details about the new “world’s thinnest notebook” are in yesterday MNT post. And yet, almost immediately the scrutiny for the little Mac was overwhelming, considerably on Digg. Criticism ranged from technical specs to design. Here are some:

  • Price vs. tech specs: Most of the components are in current Macs, so why the high price? Design fee?
  • HD only 80GB, why not the same 160GB iPod drive option?
  • Large bezel around 13.3″ screen.
  • Three output ports!?
  • Disappointing 1.6 and 1.8 Ghz speeds.

The Mac Newb Tube did a round of debate over the new product and we see the Macbook Air as the beginning of things to come. The shortcomings of the little Mac leads us to believe that Cupertino has a lot in store for us in the next 50 weeks. Here are some of our conclusions, from the Macbook Air’s shortcomings:

  • Larger bezel just begs for a 15″ screen.
  • 160GB iPod type drive is perfectly apt in there.
  • 4GB Standard.
  • 2.0 and 2.2Ghz option.
  • Customizable black, aluminum, or white keys.

These little notions lead us to this idea:

The pricing is normal Apple fare and the now known “early adopters tax” will drop when *gasp* Apple will introduce a second model with these upgrades, probably at the current price point of the MBA. This will lead to a drop for the current model, maybe even $1299 and $1499 for the new model. There has been an influx of Macbook refurbs on, so it seems plausible that the white and black Macbooks are going the way of the white iMacs, which in turn, will allow Apple to introduce a new silver and black, entry level Macbook.

The entire Mac line has gone through the “Prosumer” aluminum and black revision, it only seems obvious that the Macbook will follow suit, leaving a two to three Macbook Air line up above it.


January 16, 2008 - Posted by | Apple News, Apple Rumors


  1. The new MacBook AIr is full of air & nothing much else. By that, I mean one pays a lot for aesthetics/design and ultra compactness. Other than that, there is not much meat. The new features are nothing to shout about, Performance wise, it’s neither here nor there in comparison to Macbooks or the Pros. Battery life is still pathetic, 5 hours is not a lot of juice. Always remember in actual fact, you don’t get the full 5 hours as Apple claims. This one is for hardcore Apple suckers who got the money to splurge. Conclusion, not worth the money.

    Comment by Richard Leong | January 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. While some of your claims are accurate, there are still some very excited about Apple’s newest Mac. Check out Apple’s own discussion on those purchasing it (mostly doctors and other professionals who value portability, build quality and design, and of course OS X).

    If you look at the competitors in the field, I’m not sure your claims of battery life and performance as lacking are true. Try finding an Intel Core 2 Duo in that size a device. And 5 hours? I’m not sure what laptop your comparing but that would be fine for me. $1799 is about what you get for an ultra portable from the other guys in the same field.

    Thanks again for commenting on The Mac Newb Tube!

    Comment by Christopher Glisson | January 28, 2008 | Reply

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