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Macworld and The Mac Newb Tube Readers Predictions

With all the noise of every Apple-centric media outlet rising to a frenzy, we wanted to see what TheMNT reader thought was coming in a week. Here are some of our cheekier predictions:

  • iTunes movie rentals (duh) and update for iTunes Store on the Apple TV.
  • 16GB and 20GB iPhones (non GPS, sorry). Headphone jack revision. Customizable UI (finally).
  • The numerously rumored Macbook Nano. No optical drive and touch gesture trackpad.
  • Official iPhone SDK release, one month ahead of schedule.
  • 10.5.2 fixing some of the serious issues with Leopard.
  • Halo 4 Mac exclusive in 2009.

OK, ok. So what do you guys think is coming? We wanna hear from you. Also, thanks to those that have been RSSing us, and leaving comments. Next week is gonna be big, and we’ll be there.

[UPDATE!] The online Apple refurb store just had an influx of Macbook stock. Looks like Steve is definitely unloading the current, smallest Mac for something to come!


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