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Apple Ultra Portable Sub Notebook Nigh Confirmed via Just Blaze @ Music Event


Reports today from Mac Daily News cites a BoyGeniusReports story concerning the new Mac. Hip-hop artist Just Blaze performed at an Apple music event for employees this holiday season, along with other popular artists. Apparently, for their song and dance, every artist was shown and promised the new Mac Notebook, which according to Just Blaze will be unveiled and available one week after Macworld.

Nothing new on the touch screen rumor front according to reports, or if the new Mac will closely resemble the often cited Modbook, pictured above.


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“Mac/iMac touch” device gaining momentum, Apple post jobs for multi-touch engineers!

The best solidifying piece of proof that we will be having multi-touch Macs in the very near future are a few Apple job postings for teams and senior engineers for “…supporting Multi-touch panel development with Mac and iPod hardware…”. That’s a direct quote from the official posting folks.


So it seems the rumors of touch Macs @ Macworld may be a lil far off right now (TheMNT bets on iPhone 2.o, iTunes HD and Movie Rentals, and a revision of the Mac Pro lines), but you bet that there is hardware and concepts in Cupertino slated to be the first multi-touch Mac for consumers.

Here are the two postings @ Apple: Reliability Engineer and Senior Hardware Engineer – Touch Technology.

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True Mac gaming coming to an iPhone/iPod touch near you!


Patents approved to Apple today clue in on intentions of getting gaming serious on the touch platforms. TheMNT has speculated a DS/PSP competitor in the iPhone/iPod touch for a while, and these filings only solidify the fact.

The lengthy patent touches (pun =P) on quite a few “input methods for gaming” including music/tapping gaming (iPod Hero anyone?), as well as hints to first-person shooter type interfaces. Maybe with Bungie’s recent departure with Microsoft, the known Mac guys will be bringing a Marathon for the devices? Or a port of the now known DS version of Halo: Combat Evolved?

Also reported on Ars Technica.

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