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Aluminum iMac Refurbs $200 of retail! Dear Santa…



Now appearing on, aluminum refurbished iMacs. We’ve been tracking them, and they seem to go about 2 hours after each posting. Also, the stock of last gen white iMacs as refurbs have been dwindling.

This deal takes a cool $200 off a middle tiered aluminum iMac, usually equipped with a 320GB HD, and the 2600HD Pro ATI GPU. Quite a steal, we think. Our current iMac may in fact find a home with the in-laws in favor for one of these bad boys this Christmas! Get those donations in to TheMNT! 😉


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$399 Mac Laptop… with a catch!


Gizmodo citing with details on Mac OS X running on the new Asus EEE ultra light pc. Maybe that tiny Macbook fantasy can be pulled off…?

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Store down, store down! What will come from now? Also, Stacks tweaks…

title_backsoon1.gif now down. What’s in store? Last time, a redesign was done to the Online Store featuring more Leopard like cues. Actual aluminum iMac refurbs now in stock? AppleHD? Just maintenance?


In other Mac news, a very useful Stacks tweak has been released. The site is now down due to heavy traffic. Here is the tweak on our Powerbook. Links to come when available. [ Digg article and original blog post]


[Update] Nothing much to report on the Apple site… looks like brand new, shiny maintenance for all!


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Aluminum iMac now @ Apple Refurbish Stores!


Though none were available when we were on it, Apple now has the Aluminum iMacs listed in their refurbish store. Pricing is unknown, more details to come.  

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ASUS confirms Touch Mac Tablet. “MacTouch”

mactablet-1.jpg has an apparent pic of ASUS’s tablet based Mac in the works. More info here. We wonder why it’s running Tiger and not Leopard.

[Update: Also reported on CNET’s]

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Apple now accepting applications for Ad agency… nice alliteration! ;)

Apple fan-made iPod touch commercial now running on air. See it here. Sorry for the delay of news, we have been piled under our RSS reader by Leopards! More to come.

We have big news coming about Apple’s next big consumer electronics foray. Let’s just say it’s really not a new venture, just a redefining of a current one… Stay tuned to the Tube! 😉

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