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Apple in car media: “Back Row”.

Rumors of the iCar and OS X integration in high end luxury models surfaced again when we got wind of this [spyshot?] of Apple’s new media center, dubbed “Back Row”. Essentially the Front Row UI of OS X, it’s moniker is Apple’s implied notion of the safe integration of iTunes media in vehicles. Passengers will be able to control media in the same fashion via remote, while the driver will have a tactile “click-steering-wheel” to navigate without disturbance to driving.


It is unclear which automotive manufacture will be the first to pilot the Back Row, though industry trends predict BMW and Mercedes Benz likely candidates. TheMNT predicts that it will be a hit among upper-class consumers already enjoying Apple products at home. The switch to Apple in the autos will be an easy and welcomed edition to their $75,000+ autos.

[This may have been an early prototype, due to the Tiger UI, or just a Mac Mini in some ones SUV… ;)]


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