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Truth is in the teller: so how is Leopard on those G4s anyway?


Being a switcher of this year, I am hesitant, though equally excited to make the leap to Leopard. Our Intel iMac will handle it no problem, I am hesitant to make a new Mac out of my old Mac, a 1.33Ghz Powerbook 17″ G4 running 1GB of RAM. All the vitals are on the iMac, and the Powerbook is more of the on the go Mac, so no worries about losing precious data. I’m just curious to see what the Powerbook will be like under OS X 10.5 under the hood. How are your guy’s, The Mac Newb Tube reader’s G4s faring? Is there any glaring features that just make the portable Mac that much more competent and powerful through Leopard (say Back-to-my-Mac)?

Also, the reviews are in, and the consensus is that although not a necessary upgrade, Leopard will definitely put a new Mac on your Mac. A very good one at that. Upgrade times are looking like less than one hour (about 45min) and Spotlight indexing a little longer. The only hiccup reported during installation of Leopard are conflicts and bugs with Application Enhancer (used for such apps as Cleardock) that causes blue or black screens upon start up. Those who have encountered the issue recommend uninstalling of APE and concurrent apps.


October 26, 2007 - Posted by | Apple News, Blog Post


  1. Hey, it’s Dustin from the mac store, I installed 10.5 on my g4 mini mac tonight which has a 1.25ghz processor and 1 gig of ram and it’s running flawlessly. Only hit one snag which I would have hit on Tiger as well. Hope you’re enjoying the new OSX and I’ll see you around.

    Comment by Dustin | October 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hey man! Thanks for the comment and visiting the site! I haven’t made the leap yet (my readers are gonna kill me!) but I think my University is supposed to have them at the $69 rate… Well, that was on MacNN anyways.

    Was it crazy at the Mac Store at all? Lines? You guys had Leopard tonite right? I’d love a synopsis of the day in an email man, that would be awesome. Anyway, I’ll see you guys soon when I feel like putting it on the Powerbook.

    Comment by Christopher Glisson | October 27, 2007 | Reply

  3. I’m really interested to hear more about Leopard running on a G4 PowerBook. I use a 1.67 / 1.5GB RAM for work, and I’d really like to enjoy the same features on that machine that I do on my iMac at home.

    Cool site; sharing your regret. 😉

    Comment by Michael | October 27, 2007 | Reply

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