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Leopard guided tour now available @


Today, Apple has released a guided tour to Leopard. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone marketing campaign, the videos give a better sense of current and future Apple products. The 27 minute tour is an amazing intro to Leopards most intriguing features.

The Time Machine tour shows the phenomenal UI and Core Animations, as well as helpful tips on external drive setup. Spaces is a particularly dazzling tour, showing the power and multi-tasking prowess of the new OS. Mail app has come a long way, and it’s video demo the new add contact wizard, as well as hints to the built in google maps. iChat really shines, showing how easy it is to connect with friends, family, and associates to share and collaborate with documents, photos, and movies. Also, iChat allows screen sharing with any buddy, and backdrops for added fun!

The tour ends with a quick overview of installing Leopard on your Mac.

Still no feed of these, nor any of the guided tours can be found through iTunes (which we don’t get) in an Apple TV compatible format. The .mov file can be dropped into iTunes and watched via streaming or syncing on the Apple TV.


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