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Sub 867Mhz Macs running Leopard… here’s how!


Just posted on one of my favorite Mac podcasts, The MacCast. Apparently, James Alguire, staff at The MacCast has found a work around to getting OS X 10.5 Leopard running on older G4’s that just barely make the 867Mhz requirement. Things seem to be working just fine, though some features are obviously feeling the pinch of performance. The work around requires two non-Intel Macs (one 10.5 compatible and the lesser) and the use of Target Disk Mode. You’d probably want to max out that RAM as well (hopefully to 1GB if possible!).

Details can be found here at The MacCast.

[Picture provided by Kathy Archbold via the Buckaroo Kid on Flickr]


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Apple in car media: “Back Row”.

Rumors of the iCar and OS X integration in high end luxury models surfaced again when we got wind of this [spyshot?] of Apple’s new media center, dubbed “Back Row”. Essentially the Front Row UI of OS X, it’s moniker is Apple’s implied notion of the safe integration of iTunes media in vehicles. Passengers will be able to control media in the same fashion via remote, while the driver will have a tactile “click-steering-wheel” to navigate without disturbance to driving.


It is unclear which automotive manufacture will be the first to pilot the Back Row, though industry trends predict BMW and Mercedes Benz likely candidates. TheMNT predicts that it will be a hit among upper-class consumers already enjoying Apple products at home. The switch to Apple in the autos will be an easy and welcomed edition to their $75,000+ autos.

[This may have been an early prototype, due to the Tiger UI, or just a Mac Mini in some ones SUV… ;)]

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Is the Apple rotting?

So aside from Leopard last week, what’s in Apple’s stable to keep this 2007 season momentum going? I mean, not to say that it hasn’t been a stellar year so far (check Q4 financial reports). And Christmas seems to look like your average winner with four iPods, a cheaper iPhone, a new OS (which a recent 9to5Mac poll shows 40% “waiting” to buy), and redesigned iMacs. But will we see something truly unique between now and Macworld in January ’08 for your Christmas buck? Here’s what the intertubes are saying:

  • New Macbook rumors arise again, this time with semi-solid speculation fueled from code within Leopard.
  • Mac Pro revision with the Penryn Intel chipset said set for late November.
  • An early release of iPhone 2.0, or even an early November SDK release (for developers to be ready @ Macworld ’08).
  • AppleTV 2.0. / Mac Nano devices. (Or our favorite, actual updates for the current one).
  • The infamous, ultra mini portable nano invisible Macbook Pro line.
  • Ease of OS X install/hack on PC’s equating to Apple software being prepped and sold for PC’s (i.e. OS X Leopard and iLife ’08).

Just some of the choice items of course… Have we missed any bigger ones? Let us know, we won’t tell anyone… promise…


[Photo provided by Michael Gates c/o the Channel Z Flickr.]

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Truth is in the teller: so how is Leopard on those G4s anyway?


Being a switcher of this year, I am hesitant, though equally excited to make the leap to Leopard. Our Intel iMac will handle it no problem, I am hesitant to make a new Mac out of my old Mac, a 1.33Ghz Powerbook 17″ G4 running 1GB of RAM. All the vitals are on the iMac, and the Powerbook is more of the on the go Mac, so no worries about losing precious data. I’m just curious to see what the Powerbook will be like under OS X 10.5 under the hood. How are your guy’s, The Mac Newb Tube reader’s G4s faring? Is there any glaring features that just make the portable Mac that much more competent and powerful through Leopard (say Back-to-my-Mac)?

Also, the reviews are in, and the consensus is that although not a necessary upgrade, Leopard will definitely put a new Mac on your Mac. A very good one at that. Upgrade times are looking like less than one hour (about 45min) and Spotlight indexing a little longer. The only hiccup reported during installation of Leopard are conflicts and bugs with Application Enhancer (used for such apps as Cleardock) that causes blue or black screens upon start up. Those who have encountered the issue recommend uninstalling of APE and concurrent apps.

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Increase in Mac Sales? iPod + Mac vs. PC Ad Campaign!

Today, John Gruber of the Daring Fireball blog posted this comment concerning Apple’s phenomenal Q4 numbers in Mac sales:

I don’t think there’s any single explanation for why this is happening now. There are many factors at play, and almost every single one of them is in Apple’s favor.

I for one (as a recent switcher) wanted to chime in, in layman’s speak, the factors that came into play this past year in my switch. I guess, just so the current Mac Newb Tube reader can get a ‘lil more info at this blogger at large.

First, the iPod. My wife, my infant son at the time, and I traversed the dreaded corridor that is I-5 between the states of Oregon and Washington, mainly for family trips and begging grandparents. Both of us are musicians, and have music playing 24/7. The combination of traffic plus switching CD’s during the four hour haul equals the potential for local news disaster material. I’ve had college friends that have embraced the iPod beforehand, trying to get me to adopt as well. I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to take the leap and get our combined libraries in one easy place for trips. Then, after two months of fighting over whose iPod it was, we added another 30GB (this time white, for her) to the family. It was the interface, the ease of use, iTunes and it’s sleek UI on our PC… all of these factors that made us instantly fall for the little wonder. Then, it turned my head in another direction.

Our Dell laptop had a mini melt down months before our son was born, and before replacing it, along came the little guy and I had really no time nor want to replace the other little guy (the laptop, I mean). So for the next year, we lived in general bliss from the internet, checking our email and myspace here and there, but really having no obligation to the net for work nor pleasure. It was really a fun time, with oodles of time for the baby and this first time dad. Then, along came the Mac vs PC ads. Let me tell you, I’m no sucker for ad campaigns and cheap slogans, but being completely purged of Microsoft and tech for awhile, and seeing this new option of the Mac (this during our courtship with the iPods mind you) I began to really see the light. So then came the iMac that graces our desk. Then the Powerbook that graces my work. Oh, and next the AppleTV that… we’ll you get the picture.

I guess to sum up, there are many factors that ultimately get you into becoming a Mac user (and an Apple sales statistic). And honestly, Mac has gotten this tech nerd back on track! But, from my experience, there is ONE overlying factor above all… and if I could just figure that out and bottle it…

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Today’s Best Apple Earnings Quote: “They’re Balling, Hard.” -Gizmodo


Along with said balling, Apple seems to be slanging product and generally stacking chips, according to financial reports released today. 1.4 million iPhone’s were sold in it’s first quarter, with Apple estimating a wack 250,000 destined for unlocking off of AT&T. Macs and other computers went above and beyond double platinum, hitting 2.2 million. Not surprisingly, the trend of Apple Macbooks and Macbook Pros out shining the desktop line of iMacs, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros continued.

The most baller numbers solidifying Apple as the King-of-Bling are; $24 billion in revenue and $3.5 billion in net income. Ending the year with 15.4 billion in hard cash, son, without any dinner-interrupting debt collector calls.

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Leopard guided tour now available @


Today, Apple has released a guided tour to Leopard. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone marketing campaign, the videos give a better sense of current and future Apple products. The 27 minute tour is an amazing intro to Leopards most intriguing features.

The Time Machine tour shows the phenomenal UI and Core Animations, as well as helpful tips on external drive setup. Spaces is a particularly dazzling tour, showing the power and multi-tasking prowess of the new OS. Mail app has come a long way, and it’s video demo the new add contact wizard, as well as hints to the built in google maps. iChat really shines, showing how easy it is to connect with friends, family, and associates to share and collaborate with documents, photos, and movies. Also, iChat allows screen sharing with any buddy, and backdrops for added fun!

The tour ends with a quick overview of installing Leopard on your Mac.

Still no feed of these, nor any of the guided tours can be found through iTunes (which we don’t get) in an Apple TV compatible format. The .mov file can be dropped into iTunes and watched via streaming or syncing on the Apple TV.

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Official: iPhone, iPod touch SDK in February 2008

The iPhone SDK announcement, an open letter from Steve jobs:


This is truly monumental. Will they open it up for other development as well? Nintendo DS ports perhaps? A targeted 10 million user base would put Apple as a contender in the portable gaming market, at least a firm number 3. Begs the question whether Apple will be opening up their more lenient platforms on hacking to legitimate development… Apple TV anyone?



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OS X Leopard release October 26, countdown at


Amongst rumors this week on fellow Mac sites, it is now official that OS X 10.5 Leopard will be released in ten days, on October 26th. Preorders are now being accepted at with an update on features.

Rumor requirements of a G4 PPC with 867Ghz are true. Time Machine requires an external hard drive. Surprisingly, DVD Player requires a 1.6Ghz Mac for improved de-interlacing. All 300 new features can be found here.


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Mac Mini rumored to be murdered by Leopard release



In yet another round of speculation surrounding the Mac Mini and it’s surmise, both Apple Insider and Ars Technica are citing that Leopard will be the culprit. The death of the Mac Mini has been predicted since it’s inception at Apple, usually citing claims that the Mac Mini is not Mac enough for the targeted switcher market.

The best “news” in this round of articles is a reference to a Macrumors post about the next gen Apple TV. This device, according to the post, will finally adopt HD output (with iTunes HD content) and include an optical drive for DVD playback. Because that’s just what Apple needs, to include an opposing media format when the push for HD H.264 content is burgeoning…



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