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On Safari: Firefox 3 theme candidate spotted, drops not too far from the Apple tree


A proposed theme build for the upcoming and anticipated Firefox 3 release has quite a few Safari user making a double-take. A Bugzilla thread from Mozilla reveal these notes and images on an apparent final candidate for the OS X build of Firefox 3. An eerie resemblances indeed.


An internal post has identified increased traffic of the site, adding this reply:

Since this hit digg it looks like we will be getting a lot of traffic.  A
couple of notes for people who are curious:

-This is currently a mockup, not the final design
-We are taking visual integration seriously on every platform, but we are also
working on ways to create a design that is still uniquely Firefox, and
recognizable across all of the platforms
-Calling it an identity crisis is going a little far since most apps try to
match the OS they are running on
-While we are not going to exactly match Safari, a massive number of mac users
have written in to request that we put greater effort into visual integration
with OS X for Firefox 3




September 28, 2007 - Posted by | Apple News

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