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iPhone in UK, hints to iPod touch features


iPhone officially announced for the UK, though it is not clear whether it will be the current 8GB offering, or a new 16GB model. 3G is out, EDGE (sadly) stays in. In a picture posted by Engadget, UK iPhone screenshots hint to an inclusion of iPod touch functionality, largely the double-tap to home screen feature. Will this be included in a 1.1.1 update. Our intuition says you can bet on it.

[Update] Engadget has a very telling set of UK iPhone photos and it’s 1.1.1 software, found here. Video released from of Jobs and the UK event, 8GB iPhone only, no 16GB version as of yet. 3G chipsets “have power issues”, leading to less interest in it for the iPhone. UK will have 18months contracts vs. 2 year with AT&T. “Oh the hacks?”, responding Steve to a reporter, calling unlocks as a Cat and Mouse game. Price cut in two months like in the US? Jobs can’t guarantee either way. “We are working on the next iPhone, and we are doing what the customer wants us to do.”


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