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Regrets not buying AAPL stock since Jan. ’07 (85.05)

First iPod touch Review, it’s amazing, says PC Mag. “…the best portable media player ever”.


PC Magazines Tim Gideon is first out of the gates with a review of Apple’s new prodigal son peripheral, the iPod touch (,1895,2179699,00.asp). Receiving an editors rating of 5 out of 5, Tim goes so far as calling the phoneless featured iPod as “…probably the best portable media player ever made”. Rejoiced trumpeting from the heavens aside, it is without a few minor short comings, says Tim. “It would also be nice if the WiFi store offered video purchases, too”, he says. We think it’s pretty safe to say that within the secret underground bunkers of 1 Infinite Loop, there is software for the iPod with this capability in mind. Just in time for the recently rumored movie rentals on iTunes? We think so.

[Update] In related news, Apple had released an online users manual for the iPod touch in PDF format, found here:


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